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Take the Leap

In Take the Leap, I share a series of short stories about life experiences, overcoming obstacles, and the importance of perseverance. I provide real-life advice and tools and techniques to unblock your limiting beliefs, bust out of your comfort zone, and live the life you dream about. A guide for those stuck in monotony, Take the Leap helps you shed the mundane for an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

What People Are Saying:

If you're like me and you're always trying to better yourself, books like Heather's here are the ones that stay on your nightstand and travel with you. She highlights some incredibly important aspects of our lives and breaks them down into short chapters. It's an excellent book to read in its entirety a couple of times per month if necessary; and it's perfect for picking it up and quickly reading/reviewing a few of the chapters that resonate most with you. Is JUST reading this book going to change your life? No. Can this book encourage you more than other alternatives to make changes/tweaks in your life to bring about more happiness and fulfillment? Absolutely! My favorite part about Heather's books is that we live in a world where so much of everything has to be so complex. Often times this makes so much of everything very confusing and, in our heads at least, hard to tackle. Heather's approach is refreshing; short, sweet, and to the point. Thanks for such a genuinely reinvigorating read

Michelle P.

This is a great read! If you’re looking for motivation and a loving kick in the arse - this is it. Real world tips and solid advice- a must read.

Shannon J.

A very well written and aspiring book. My wife has been trying teach me the law of attraction for going on 25 years. Ms. Hakes was able summarize those 25 years of mentoring into one volume. The book is worth reading again and again.

Bill P.

I bought this book and I literally have read it from cover to cover in 2 plus hours! I have never sat and read a book and stayed interested and inspired throughout it until now! I LOVED reading this book and cannot wait to see what life has in store for those who read this, including myself!

Kathy Jo.